And why it might be easier to simply avoid making dumb ones

Photos by Florian Schmetz, Author, and Dan Gold

The final item on this week’s learning list isn’t what it seems. But first, a brief introduction of how to think about making better decisions and looking into the future of food production and farming.

Making Smarter Decisions

How to make smarter decisions distilled into two short paragraphs? Not happening. This article is…

Plus a warning from 1994 about mass data collection by internet companies

Albert Einstein, young child on computer, trees in forest
Images by Jackie Ramirez, Ludovic Toinel, Casey Horner

This week I focus on artificial intelligence as it seems to keep finding its way into my favorite podcasts. Not that I have any expertise in the technical aspects, but instead hope we recognize the need for ethics to be part of the conversation.

AI Conversations with the Dead

Although I remain highly skeptical of…

Plus, what I needed to hear about amateurism

sad person smiling, oil paint set, Chicago world fair photo
Photo by Sydney Sims, aisvri, Smithsonian Institution Archives

After hitting on a heavy, yet important, topic first, we then shift to some more lighthearted items. One includes a message I needed to hear, and am sure others do as well, and then close with multiple notes from the Chicago World’s Fair that was over a century ago.

Overworked to Death


Study shows how people approach problems and why

Photos by Amr Taha™, Marcos Paulo Prado, Ratana Limnararat

I can finally share my thoughts on why more doesn’t always mean better and that rethinking what we mean by growth and productivity is necessary. After some light philosophy, we get to my newest note-taking practice and why public transportation fails those who need it most.

More Does Not Mean Better

This idea that productivity…

Plus, my new favorite metaphor about success

Photos by Estée Janssens, Marcus Cramer, Franco Mariuzza

As a self-learner and someone who cares about personal growth, topic three might just be my new favorite metaphor. First, however, some exciting news to share about a 4-day work week and a new type of green renewable energy.

Spain Testing 4-Day Workweek

This has me excited, hopeful, and very surprised. Spain’s government decided…

Why the future is in DNA and not robots

Photos by MD Duran, Gerd Altmann, REVOLT

In a rare occurrence, the first two topics this week are forward-looking instead of historical facts. Yet, the third topic on daydreaming is the one closest to my heart and the most impactful on my daily life.

Google Enters Higher Education

Google currently offers five different certifications on Coursera, a website that works with…

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